Military Rugged Compact Encoder – Jaguar by GS Tech

jaguar – Fully Rugged Military H.265/H.264 SDI +CVBS Composite Video Encoder Jaguar by GS Tech is a fully ruggedized compact video encoder. Military video encoder, customizable according to the customer needs. 1-channel SD/HD/3G SDI input, 1-channel CVBS, Audio input. Dual streams output H.265/H.264 format, audio: MP3, AAC, G.711 format. Can be configurated according to the … Read more

GS Tech services – custom secure video software & hardware development

GS TECH CUSTOM VIDEO SOFTWARE & HARDWARE Custom video processing software GS Tech develops all kinds of video processing software according to customer needs. Custom video analytics, detection, tracking, stabilization, quality improvement, ROI (region of interest) software that can be installed on GS Tech hardware of existing customer hardware infrastructure. GS Tech video software can … Read more

Military Rugged DVR – Puma by GS Tech

Puma – Rugged Military DVR (Digital Video Recorder) The Puma by GS-Tech is Fully Rugged Military DVR (Digital Video Recorder).  Fully rugged enclosure with MIL-Spec certificates. Puma is a powerful up to 4K, H.265 (HEVC) / H.264  (AVC) fully ruggedized DVR (digital video recorder) that is designed to record and transmit video in real time … Read more

Military Rugged Encoder – Tiger by GS Tech

Tiger – Fully Rugged Military Video Encoder H.265 / H.26 The Tiger Family by GS-Tech is H.265 (HEVC) / H.264 3G SDI/ Composite Video Encoder / Decoder. Fully rugged enclosure with MIL-Spec certificates. Tiger is a powerful H.265 (HEVC) / H.264  (AVC) fully ruggedized video encoder and streaming platform that is designed to support video transmission … Read more

Hawk by GS Tech – Military Rugged Helmet-Mount Tactical Camera

Hawk – Rugged helmet mount camera for the military The Hawk by GS-Tech is a 4K IP H.265 rugged (ruggedized) helmet mount camera with embedded encoder, which connects directly to RF link to transmit live video, it is installed on the military helmet using Picatinny Rail Mount adaptors. The camera can be mounted on the … Read more