Hawk - Rugged helmet mount camera for the military

The Hawk by GS-Tech is a 4K IP H.265 rugged (ruggedized) helmet mount camera with embedded encoder, which connects directly to RF link to transmit live video, it is installed on the military helmet using Picatinny Rail Mount adaptors.

The camera can be mounted on the helmet or other equipment, as well as a vehicle, UAV, or a drone.

The video is transmitted live using low bandwidth and/or recorded.

The video camera is fully integrated with Elbit Systems Radio Links.

The camera can be used in a ruggedized environment, is shock & damage proof (810 G standard).

  • The camera supports dual stream encoded video.
  • Resolution can be set from 2048x1536p down to 320x240p.
  • Frame rate can be set from 1-30 fps. 
  • Very low power consumption – 2.5W.
  • Very low latency Encoding.
  • Video is sent over IP using RTP/RTSP.
  • All parameters can be set using web browser/API.
  • Low light performance – 0.001 Lux (B&W) / 0.01 
  • Lux (Color). Supports day & night sensors.
  • The camera is certified by an International lab and holds an 810/461 certificate.


  • Military & Security
  • Medical Industry
  • Industrial 


  • 2048×1536 p resolution
  • H.265/H.264 Video Encoding
  • Picatinny Rail Mount
  • Low Weight
  • Custom Design
  • Integrates with GS-Tech’s Body Worn Mesh Radio
  • Star-Light Camera
  • Low Bandwidth
  • Supports IP67
Rugged Military Camera

Hawk – 4K Star Light Camera with Low Bandwidth by GS-Tech

Rugged Helmet mount camera for the Military

Hawk – Picatinny Rail Mounted Camera on a Helmet

Rugged Camera With Embedded Encoder for the Military

Hawk – Fully Rugged Video Camera with Embedded Encoder.



1 / 2.8″ Sony Super low light progressive scanning CMOS

Max Resolution
2048 x 1536 p

Working Temperature
-20° to 70°

Video Compression
50 Kbps – 12 Mbps

Intelligent alarm
Motion Detection

Integrated Protocol
Supports ONVIF 2.41 Network Video Standard Protocol

Low Latency
Low latency encoding & Low latency player

Power Consumption
2.5 W

Power Supply
DC 9V-17V / 1A

60mm x 40mm  x 40mm

Black Anodize coated Aluminum

MIL Standard Certificates
810 G + 461

148 g


Recording Option
GS-Tech real-time recording/ playback PC based software 

Field of View
60°-140° Optional