GS Tech - Rugged Military cameras, video encoders, DVR & software

GS Tech (Israel) provides full turn key projects for developing, manufacturing and installation on customer site video applications such as H.265 rugged video Encoders, video processing algorithms, VMS, special cameras and rugged PC.

GS Tech Ltd. designs, develops & produces rugged  (ruggedized) video cameras, encoders, decoders, DVR, video transmission solutions & embedded software for video decoding, recording & playback for use in military, tactical, security, and industrial applications.

GS Tech Ltd. cameras & video encoding equipment is MIL-STD-810 & MIL-STD-461 compliant. All software & hardware products are customizable.

GS Tech Ltd. manufactures & develops software & hardware video solutions & full-cycle projects for military, security, and industrial needs.

GS Tech Ltd. provides technical support, training, updates, on-site installation.

The products are distributed worldwide.

Currently, the products are successfully used in military, security & industrial complex.

Rugged Cameras & Encoders

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