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Professional Services
GS Tech offers in-house Multimedia Professional Services based on TI SOC, Freescale, Intel and other platforms.
We offer our customers full turnkey HW & SW solution as:
-Expert consultation
-Full custom code development
-A full and complete embedded solution
-Support for advanced real time operating systems
-Real time solutions
-HW and SW integration on Embedded and PC systems
-Linux OS: from the upper application level down to kernel components and builds, including   Linux drivers
-Windows OS: full application development, specialty device drivers, advanced networking kernel programming
-DSP/BIOS: our team works directly with TI and several of the major TI 3rd parties
-Expertise in Image processing, video and audio compression
-Integration and design of very high end processing engines, using state of the art design techniques and 3rd parties' components
H/W- Design, develop and manufacture
-Matching existing solutions to customer requirements. (Ingenient, Ateme, Einfochips, adaptive digital)
-Redesign of boards according to customer requests
-Reference Design- prototyping
-Full board design – Hardware, FPGA, software
-Expertise in the field of high speed hardware development, video processing, telecommunications and networking
-Hardware competences in the group: board design, FPGA design, analog interfaces, video interfaces, network components and more
-Power Solutions
-Full turn key manufacturing (Small amounts in Israel and mass production in the Far East)
-Cooperating with the leading Multimedia companies around the globe
-Established Customer base: Elbit, Mer group (techMer), Surf and more
-GS Tech is a third party of Texas Instrument and Freescale and has strategic relationships with all of the chips vendors in Israel (Telsys, Avnet, Arrow)
We support TI DM64xx and Freescale Imx
-GS Tech's team in one of the leading staff in the Israeli market and it includes Embedded SW and HW engineers, technical support and sales personal
Starting a project?
GS Tech Professional Services is your address for advanced and daunting development tasks. We allow our customers to concentrate on fundamental design and concept tasks, leaving him much more time and resources to develop its product without worrying about the development of its hardest parts.
 Contact GS Tech Today and get your full turnkey solution!
for Europe & Israel Customers
Video Consumer Electronics
Video Server & Telecom
Video Security & Surveillance
Video Infrastructure
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