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What is Real-Time Virtualization?

VirtualLogix VLX enables multiple operating system environments to run concurrently on shared hardware and provides a range of performance, fault tolerance and security options to address specific market requirements.Read more...

VLX for Digital Multimedia Version 2.0 (v2.0) is an innovative real-time virtualization solution that allows Linux and TI DSP/BIOS to run concurrently on TI processors for digital video applications, without sacrificing the performance required by the DSP-targeted system.

By combining real-time multimedia processing with Linux device drivers and general purpose applications on a single-core DSP processor, VLX for Digital Multimedia reduces the bill-of-materials (BOM) for digital multimedia devices such as video phones, video surveillance cameras and other high-volume digital multimedia devices. 
VLX for Digital Multimedia includes a complete Linux environment optimized for the DaVinci DM643x and the DM64x/C641x processor families. Using VirtualLogix’s embedded Linux kernel and distribution, VLX for Digital Multimedia supports both Linux and DSP/BIOS on the same processor. Each operating system runs independently of the other, and uses its own scheduling, drivers and memory management. As OEM designs evolve, VLX for Digital Multimedia will seamlessly support multi-core chips offering significant savings in development costs and reduced time to market.
VirtualLogix™ VLX for Network Infrastructure enables customers to easily migrate from single core to multi-core processors by allowing commercial or proprietary real-time operating system (RTOS) and Linux operating systems to run unmodified on the Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture, without disrupting the behavior of their supported applications.
The combination of VirtualLogix VLX software with Intel Virtualization Technology hardware addresses the networking infrastructure market by providing support for high throughput and time critical applications. The advanced features, flexibility and performance of VLX for Network Infrastructure allow developers to solve problems which are difficult to address with other solutions today.
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Code Composer Studio

Code Composer Studio (CCS) software is a fully integrated development environment (IDE) supporting Texas Instruments industry-leading DSP platforms. Code Composer Studio is one of the key components of eXpressDSP Software and Development Tools that slashes development and integration time for DSP software. Code Composer Studio IDE is the first intelligent development environment to offer TMS320C2000, TMS320C5000 and TMS320C6000 application development for multi-processor, multi-user and multi-site projects .

Code Composer Studio™ IDE offers robust, mature core functions with easy-to-use configuration and graphical visualization tools for faster system design.
Features throughout the Development Cycle:

  • Application Design - including DSP BIOS, Reference Frameworks and Update Advisor
  • Code & Build - including C/C++ and Assembly and CodeWright Integrated Editor
  • Debug - RTDX™ Fast Simulation and Connect/Disconnect
  • Analyze & Tune - including Real Time Analysis, Compiler Analysis and Rewind

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Block Diagram Language

GS-Tech provides a Block Diagram Language in the form of VisSim's development environment for the rapid prototyping and development of embedded control systems. It supports the TI MSP430, F24x, LF240x, F281x, F280x, C5510, C6713 and associated development boards from Spectrum Digital and SoftBaugh.

VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer is unique in its ability to generate small memory footprint target files. For example, a closed-loop PID control with encoder input and PWM output and one digital output line take 1.3K ROM and 155 bytes RAM on the MSP430, and can sample at up to 1 MHz on the F2812.

Feature List:
  • Performs rapid prototyping and generates code for embedded system development on the C2000 and MSP430
  • Generates production C code with automatic scaling of fixed-point operations <
  • Simulates the effects of scaled, fixed-point truncation and precision loss
  • Logs minimum and maximum values observed during simulation
  • Compiles, links, and downloads the algorithm to the target
  • Performs automatic programming of on-chip peripherals for TI F243, LF2407, F2808, F2812, and MSP430
  • Validates algorithm using off-line simulation
  • Uses JTAG hotlink for downloading and real-time communication for plotting responses and interactively changing parameters during target execution
  • Retains the VisSim GUI while the algorithm executes on the target
  • Supports serial port based LCD display
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TCP/IP Stack
GS-Tech offers you a superior solution for implementing Internet connectivity in embedded applications based on Texas Instruments' TMS320 DSP: the revolutionary bf3Net TCP/IP protocol stack. Designed from scratch with DSP applications in mind, Windmill Innovations' bf3Net embedded Internet software is the only eXpressDSP-compliant TCP/IP protocol stack available today.
Leveraging Texas Instruments' eXpressDSP Software Technology, bf3Net offers unsurpassed ease-of-integration. The configuration and integration of the bf3Net TCP/IP protocol stack is a straightforward task with the bf3Net tools, which are tightly integrated with the Code Composer Studio 2.0 development environment. Performance monitoring and profiling tools further simplify the design process.
Product Features

  • Only eXpressDSP-compliant TCP/IP protocol stack available in the world today
  • Unsurpassed ease-of-integration, runs as single thread
  • Highly scalable, configurable and modular architecture
  • Documented performance figures, no interference with DSP real-time deadlines
  • RFC-compliant protocol implementations
  • Available for Ethernet and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections
  • Integrated debug strategy
  • Extremely low system resource requirements
  • Available for TMS320C6700, TMS320C6400, TMS320C6200, TMS320C5500, TMS320C5400,
  • and TMS320C2800 Digital Signal Processors (some versions to be released)
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