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  leading technologies for video compression on DSP, PC and FPGA  
ASP Program
  Video Security
  Test&Measurment Equipments
  CeBIT , March 15-21 2007
  TIDC-Dallas Texas
  MCU,MPU,DSP,Tools & RTOS Seminar 02-05-07
G.S Tech provides advanced embedded solutions, video and Audio processing and compression systems, with specific focus on surveillance, consumer and security applications.
G.S Tech's Specialization is in professional embedded solutions. Developing and managing embedded systems for a wide range of projects for both commercial and military industries.
G.S Tech represents Ingenient Technologies in Israel and Europe, which offers Multimedia Reference Designs based on Texas Instruments DSP and SOC.
G.S Tech also provides DSP development tools, analog/digital products, compilers, debuggers and protocol stacks, QNX RTOS and VLX Virtualization system. 
Looking for the right power solution? G.S Tech can provide you with the best suitable solution (POE, AC-DC, DC-DC).
G.S Tech supports the customer from the vision stage through the functional requirement and specification, design and implementation.
G.S Tech's Advantage is by offering the science, hi-tech community and the military market,  in-house professional Services based on TI SOC, Freescale and Intel platforms. We offer our customers full turnkey solutions, including consulting, design, product development and manufacturing


for Europe & Israel Customers
Video Consumer Electronics
Video Server & Telecom
Video Security & Surveillance
Video Infrastructure
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